Helping Hands Health Clinic. 102 North Main Street, Elkton, Kentucky 42220. (270) 265-5600.
Location Map & Driving Directions

Blount Rural Health Center
810 South Main Street
P.O. Box 277
Elkton, Kentucky 42220
Medical Phone:  (270) 265-5600
Fax:  (270) 265-5605
Dental Phone: (270) 330-0028
Fax: (270) 330-0217

We are located right beside United Southern Bank which is located right next to the High School. 

Our medical office is the new addition that sets diagonal in the lot and our Dental/Behavioral Health office is located in the building directly beside Untied Southern Bank.

 Please click here (medical) click here (dental) if you would like to use Google Maps to create step-by-step driving directions.